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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia




It was really tiring. Mentally and physically. But then I have finished everything. Well, for now until i move to the next semester OTL
Feels like I have not update anything at all. So sorry for that, especially for those who always read my crappy thoughts LOL <3

Nothing new. Just that I have become quite lazy for other things after the exam. The only thing I've done so far was sleep, eat and watch animes. It's truly heaven LOLOLOL

Next week there'll be an event called Cosmart. The highlight for this event is to sell off all those cosplay junks you don't want anymore~ ^__^ Then, will continue on shoot. I plan to do No.6 in my room so I have to wait for that as my room needs re-design. Everything. From it's tiles to the wall <3 (and there goes my money OTLLL)

Alrights!~ Til then~

Before I go, here! Eyecandy! <3


Climax before exam!!!!!! (=༎皿༎=)

So there you have it. Im now in the middle of reaching climax coughcough.....(ok sounds wrong -spanked-)
Life is too hectic when you're aging LOL. I have somewhat 3 exams this August yea i know its crazy thank you.

1) Theory exam: This normal theory exam. 6 subjects including 4 core  killer subjects. To tell the truth, i dont really have much problem in these thanks to my hardworking brain in class. But then i need really extraordinary marks to be a doctor so then i can convince my dad to send me overseas //japan please oh damn it wont happen silly// .____.

2) Practical exam: This is somewhat half good and half shiet. It depends. In terms of skills, well, it's abit subjective when you perform in front of the lecturers who likes/hate you. In the end, everyone gets different marks cause they are tested individually. I hope ill face all my fav lecturers pleaseeeeeeee ;A;

3) Japanese I2 (intermediate 2) exam: Yesh, my most fav type exam of the year. But at the same time, easy to fail too OTL Last time wasnt really good. Nearly failed godddddddd~~I CANNOT GET LOWER MARKS THIS TIME I CANNOTTTTTTT~ Damn i think im scared of this shiet more than those 2 others (ok more than anything else) ;A;

So this is why I can't be active, let it be events or shoots for now.BUUUUUTT AFTER THAT, HERE COMES ALL MY COSPLAN WEEEEEEE~~~

##1 - Hyouka : Im so sorry my friend for making you wait sobbbbbb~~~ ;A;
##2 - Kyoukai no kanata : *insert the same dialogue above*
##3 - No. 6 : I have all costumes everything done now its timeeee!!!
##4 - Cardcaptor sakura: Ok i will not rest peacefully if im unable to fulfill this!!!
##6 - Aika: Im 40% on the costume so why not 8'D
##7 - *insert 1001++ cosplan list*

As promised, I just hope this year im able to do all the things i've wanted 8'D

Here, have my SUPER UKE FACE before i head out with friends. It's arabic food tonight~


P/S: Thanks for reading/listening, im so sorry you had to go through this again and again~~~=v=

Nishinoya [Haikyuu!]

 And so tried noya. ok to tell the truth, im loving noya more than anyone else <3 ____ <3

Noya is just freakin' adorable ok <3 ________ <3

hot and cute
kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~noya senpai ~//////////////////// <3

noyaa test 
ok wig 60% done. Not easy. Maybe i should've bought the wig straight OTLLLL

shopping new makeup!

 Yesss!!!!So after few months not buying anything related to makeup (since i still have tones of them), now im buying everything i need. My previous makeup that i used really gave me a lot trouble. It was really expensive but then, oily oily everywhere. Plus Malaysia is damn hot, any makeup would not be able to stand the heat OTL
Can't wait to use this one. Of course it was 2x expensive than my previous makeup ~_~ But who cares, safety first right?????

makeup 2014 elianto

eye test NNY

 Testing the eye technique which i think i failed OTL 
Still no good especially the eyebrow part. I never draw brows like that honestly. XDDD
Will try again next time~
Next month is already final exam week! 
Hope ill get good marks again!!!~ 


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