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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Nurarihyon No Mago [expand project 1]

[Expand project 1 - Rikuo's Black and Blue yukata]

Orites~ So i did promise to show the progressions of this project.... Might do it one by one. According to what im capable to finish now that is...

= i know im slow please forgive me!!!! orz orz

In this i'll show you how i did my rikuo's yukata and the outer blue cover. To tell the truth, it actually took me more than 2 weeks to finish his costume. Reasons: 1) There were 2 of them of course =__=;;; 2) Both of the designs are somewhat different and 3) Im sewing it really really slow and  nicely this time using both machine and hand~  Honestly speaking, the michael from angel sanctuary's costume was a lot more easier than this LOL~took me only around 3 days to complete~~

To tell the truth, i really dont know the exact design of a yukata. I never made one .___. The easiest way is to google and tadaaaa~~ "how to do a yukata- the MOST AND UNBELIEVEBLE SIMPLEST WAY EVER LOL" It was so simple that in the end, when i did my 2nd yukata (black), i actually had to go back to the Nagoya textile for extra clothe .___.

So here's my paper design. i mean MY OWN PAPER DESIGN with MY OWN MEASUREMENTS created after i finished the costume. I don't really know whether it's the same as the original japanese yukata or not but then, the costume looks like a yukata and it feels really comfortable wearing it which is more important to me lol ~well~to those who is confuse or still don't know how to do a yukata, feel free to use this design XDD


2 Designs which are different: because the black one have to be fliped on top of each other so that the legs won't be exposed easily when walking. so more clothe is needed. Hope you'll get what im trying to say here ;;;;;;

Here are the progression pics and outcome~




TADAAAAA~~ <3 <3 <3


That's all for now~will update on other progression once it's done <3~

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