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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

what a day (¯__¯υ)

I drove to my class just now...arrived at a T-junction and going to turn left. Look left......look right...look right.....and right summore lol~ And off i go but suddenly *SCREEEEETTT* ~~~~ Only then  i realized I had actually rammed a motorcyclist at my left side. She was also going the same direction as me. Her motorcycle kind of lost balance and she almost fell but then manage to balance herself. Phew~ a good thing.


Me:  *opens door from my sit* Im sorry~are you alri-

Victim:  Are you blind?Where the hell are you looking?????

Me: A woman. ohhh shit..this is gonna be long OTL    Ok, I didn't realize you were at my left side cause when the right lane is clear, i assume all vehicle would turn already but you didn't OTL (or in other words, WOMAN, YOU'RE TOO SLOW)

Victim: I saw you looking to your right only!!That's why this happen!!

Me: Yeahhh~but i didn't realize you were still not moving yet *smile*--> Note: dear lord i still manage to smile 8DDDD

Victim: I don't care!!So now how am i suppose to go to work???Look the side mirror is damage!!Im gonna call the police now.So now you will have to pay!

Me: *sigh* ok ok im sorry~but I don't have much money in my purse right now (OF COURSE). You can take my purse and see how much i got 8D or how bout this, we'll both go to the bank and ill give the money.

Im going to call the police *dials*..........HELLO, THE POLICE,A GIRL RAMMED MY MOTORCYCLE AND SHE DOESN'T WANT TO PAY..

Me:  Ha???? =A=;;;;;;

Victim: Here, talk to my friend!!! *gives me her hp*

Policewoman: Hello, what's happening there?

Me: I'm sorry but i accidently HIT her. Now im willing to cooperate and take responsibility but it seems that she doesn't want to follow me to that friggin near bank...can you tell me what am i suppose to do? Or i would appreciate it if you can tell her to cool down and follow my suggestion? ^^;

Policewoman: Ok, pass the hp to her-

Like seriously policewoman, you rockkkk!!!8DD <3

and so I end up giving her the money. Not much but not too little. At least she can have 2 new sidemirrors lol~but then, giving her the money was also not easy. she said it wasn't enough and she took my car plate number in case. Ohhhhhh......of course im not afraid. cause it's more than enough =__=;;;;;

Seeing my money flies, I learned few things:

1) like shit, women totally act based on their emotions. SO, PLEASE DON'T BE LIKE THAT. IM A GIRL BUT HONESTLY AND PROUDLY TO SAY IM NOT LIKE THAT~the same goes to me when someone accidently bumped my back car last time AND YES, PROUDLY TO SAY, IM NOT LIKE THAT~

2) Next time when crossing the road or such, do look left..look right...look left...look right...look left...look front..look back...look up...then off you go.

thanks for reading ~~

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