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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

I found~~ *w*

Nothing much of cosplay done lately LOL~~ I was surprised how busy I was these two months..so many things happen. My class, assignments, trainning my guitar skills (ok i know i suck;;;), other class as well, part-time job, sports (yea..am joinning volleyball and cycling treckers *w*) etc etc etc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... *drop dead* guess i'll just have to go each one by one.

Finally, the last two days were filled with my special anime marathon. At last~~~ (o≧∇≦)*******

and somehow, I seem to realize that all the main characters are blonde .__.? haha~ by watching those, here are my most updated cosplay photoshoot wish list~well, some of them.

# Nura rikuo: ahhhh..that tatami suite is damn expensive...I haven't start anything ̄;;;;;

# Vocaloids: Some versions which im interested~

# Takashi Natsume: hmm..ain't those forest setting amaze you?

# DRRR: I actually adore Kida x Mikado x ??? (again, my memory towards girls' names are hopeless OTL)

Tsunashi Takuto: or sugata? I wonder which..~~  ; <3

# others...there's just too many of them. Will update again once I remember lol

and another thing, look what I found~~

This is no ordinary makeup catalogue. What's interesting is that it has all the makeup tips I need so I don't have to google anymore LOLOLOL~~~

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