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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

visiting Jakarta



I joined a trip to Jakarta with my non-cosplay friends 5 days. Actually, I have this cultural assignment entrusted to my class and since we haven't go on any trip yet this year, we thought this might be a good chance- 2 birds, 1 stone

Two things: 1) Indonesia- I've come to realize I didn't know much about it except for some of it's famous cosplayers there!
囧;!!!!!!...2) WTF I DIDN'T BRING MY DSLR THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!囧;;~~~And now you can guess most of the time it was me with my not-so-glam hp cam. Ah......l l lOTL

We bunked in one of the hotel there a bit far from Jakarta- it was cultural assignment for me remember? It took 6 hours to get there from the airport 囧;;~~~ my back hurts from bouncing up and down the road lol. The hotel was nice. I sure love the heritage style they showed. Even the room got this some kind of 'wood' smell.  We arrived  the hotel around midnight and really, the journey killed 70% of my sight seeing spirit lol. I drop on the bed as soon we entered the room however didn't get enough sleep as there were so many knockings from the hotel worker there...one after another = A=;;; Yesss...they were promoting their stuffs and before I know it was already morning. I must've have dozed off, leaving my friend alone 'managing' all of them LOL~

upon arrival

the hotel area...such nice view *__*



The next day started with visiting one of the universities there. Oh btw, they call it 'universitas'. We didn't get to stay long there though...Some noob shots

the class. NO AIRCOND/FAN omg

spotted this at end of the hallway. If you're wondering what this is, I have no idea =__=;;;

bakery course

not bad =)

Actually the university is quite the same as what we have in our country. They have similar courses (of course =_=) and also other facilities as well. And even the classroom itself was designed in such a way so that the students wouldn't turn into baked humans when studying there. Such economic way. The lectures are all from their own country as well They were kind enough to show us around eventhough we did have problem in understanding loads on what they said LOLOLOL~ 

The other days were filled with lurking here and there around jakarta til our knees felt like bursting. We bought lotsa stuffs and yes, it was cheap...although the rupiah rate did gave us headache as there were so many 000000000s lol. The foods there were mostly in sets. If I'm not mistaken, there were 'nasi timble' (or you spell it timbel??)
,..err...what else? i forgot O__o;;;; It was a bit sad that I wasn't able to get my stupid tummy to get along well with the foods there. Day 3 and I was having stomach gastric-like pain, suffered each minute, and had to take pills til I reached back my country. Uhh..such experience =___=l l l


baso. we do have this in our country but i never tried it


yes...the only thing i can eat sobbbbzzz T___T

Here are some random shots I took after I spotted a factory and abandoned building there. Amazingly, I realized that I SHOULD'VE TAKE THE NICE SCENERY OF INDONESIA INSTEAD OF THESE =A=;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!

...a nice place for photoshoots don't you think? *___*





So in the end I'm quite clueless on what I should present to my school lol. Despite of my sickness there, we did have fun there especially shopping at Bandung. I won't show what I bought there LOL. I'm still thinking whether to go there with my cosplay friends or not for future photoshoots, considering how weak I am towards the food there Oh well...We reached back our country around 9pm and look what I've found....

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss..I'm sure was hungry TT_____TT

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