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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Nurarihyon series [expand project 1]

And so......I GOT HOOKED ON NURARIHYON NO MAGO SERIES 8D  *sense danger ahead*



If to be able to choose between human and demon form, I would go for the demon. Nura kun's cute. He kinda reminds me of daisuki niwa from DNangel. But, he likes this human girl. Hmph. *gasp* ahaha...sorry, kana-chans' fans ^^v. Rikuo on the other hand, is too smexy to be described....I like the anime flow although the manga kinda surpass it <3 but heck, in anime, you can hear rikuo's smexy voice right? <3 <3 <3 To think that Jun Fukuyama can do such voice after 'being' THAT kimihiro watanuki in xxxholic XD

Actually, the series weren't that addicting lol. What's addicting was rikuo demon himself kyaa-....ok I should stop fangirling now =.=;;; Loads of things in the series tempted me.

1) The setting (old japanese house style, that sakura tree..damn the way the flowers bloomed at night in this anime of course..is just too beautiful *__*, )
2) Rikuo Rikuo Rikuo and his cool hair of course
3) Some of the demons and not to forget tsurara. ok I'm being bias now lol.
4) The not-so-difficult clothes and sword i guess ._.?
5) Other props including old lamps and such.
6) Night shoot and lots more. I just can't think now.

I asked people around and some of my friends for their opinions and we discussed through a lot of issues including places, photographers, funds and stuffs. And looking at the list, I'm really sure there are loads of things to do but since I have finish my assignments (hora~~), I guess I have time to go slowly on each *w*~ will update the progression in categories once I've start

1) How i did Rikuo's blue and black yukata >>>

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