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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Animax carnival 2014 [ppl who i married ≧◡≦ ]

 Animax carnival 2014 [People who i married (this time lol) >w<///)

Yup! and so sorry for the late update regarding the event! It was fun, but not as fun as last year~ but then as usual, meeting friends did saved me from dying haha~

Here you go, camwhored pics~ will upload cosers pics next!

animax14 camwhore1 

 animax14 camwhore2
caught Chinnie!!~~very bishie indeed! i love the eye makeup! 

animax14 camwhore3 
With Red kidding! She is very kind and sweet!enjoyed talking to her <3

animax14 camwhore4 
group photo. I just cant stand Junaye's expression (far left side) It's priceless lolol XDD

animax14 camwhore5 
With the YAOI QUEEN: Shuusuke <3 

animax14 camwhore6 
with Cappy~ she's not cosplaying today~ i think my face got caught the flash? O_O;

animax14 camwhore7 
With lost friend Aiko (omgggg long time ddnt see you ;A;) and Blur (center). Ok now i became blurrrr lol~

animax14 camwhore9  
With rosa aoba!~ <3 i also like her defined eye makeup! *___*

animax14 camwhore10 
with Kawaiiii azunyannnnnn <3 (by Qi Miao) So cute right? coughs

animax14 camwhore11 
this long time no see friend Narukids i missed her so much lol~ good to see u again XDD

animax14 camwhore18 
and lastly, me and hana!~ I think this will be our almost-to-last memory OTL

Anyway, thanks for watching!~ <3

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