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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

space coverage @ C2age 2013

 Space Coverage @ C2age 2013

Photography: By me

Pics by me. still so many to learn OTL PLUS camwhore pics~
I went to this event just to see friends and Reika from Japan (plus to pass on hana's present to her since she wasn't able to come =v=///)

c2age2013cosplayer1 resize 

c2age2013cosplayer2 resize
Awesome cosplay from Shirae <3

c2age2013cosplayer3 resize
and I met Shirae's friend. So adorable but wasn't able to speak much as she knows little english only OTL

c2age2013cosplayer4 resize
These cute pikachuuuussssss@@*A*

c2age13cosplayer5 resize
awesome cosplay from them both *A*

c2age2013cosplayer6 resize
so cute!<3

c2age13cosplayer6 resize 
Roxey from singapore! <3

c2age2013cosplayer7 resize 
Ok not a cosplayer (this time only) but an awesome photographer <3

annndddd below here was a gift to Reika!~~<3 Thanks Hana for the hard work. Amazing as always~<3

for reika c2age2013 
Hope she likes it! >_________<

Warning: Below here are massive camwhoring session! haha~~~~<3

c2age2013-i marry 1 c2age2013- i marry20 
c2age2013-i marry 2 c2age2013-i marry 4 c2age2013-i marry 3 c2age2013- i marry6 c2age2013- i marry8 c2age2013- i marry7 c2age2013-i marry 5 c2age2013- i marry9 c2age2013- i marry14 c2age2013- i marry13 c2age2013- i marry12 c2age2013- i marry11 c2age2013- i marry10 c2age- i marry 19-1 

thanks for reading! <3

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