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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Visiting Bangkok

My first time to Bangkok 2012 ~~ ('')

Looking at the pics (of course, us looking like idiots lol), I feel that it's such a waste not showing them~ We actually had 4 days (minus 2 days for traveling and comic party event day 2). Balance 2 days were our outings. Bangkok is fun, and hot like our country ~~


The most funny thing happened to this trip was finding the hotel lol. It was so funny + stupid that I could just bang my head on the wall remembering it. I booked the Nasa Vegas hotel. According to the map, it should be just right next to the MRT. And to tell the truth, we actually walked pass it, down to dunno-where town, down to dunno-where street until we gave up and took a taxi instead.

Due to our communication break-down with the taxi driver  =__=lll , it took us almost 2 hours (walking and in the taxi) to figure out there the hotel was. And tadaaaa~there it was -just next to the MRT. Stood tall enough..AND FACING THE OTHER WAY LOLOLOLOLOLOL~~ (can i bang my head now?) That's why our 1st day was a waste. We spent most of our time in the hotel, DEAD. lol.

The airport. All pics here are our day 3 pics. Day 4 were all with Hana (which i dunno when i can get my hand on those OTL)

Nasa Vegas hotel. It was a nice hotel and the staffs were friendly enough to help (I lost my Bangkok keychain and they helped me find them Q___Q)

The hotel room was ok. Nothing more and nothing less. It was just the kind that we wanted - Good functioning air-cond and nice bath tub. Foods in the fridge to add XDD

Me and Hana~ <3

doing the same pose~~~ (´ε )

hana joining ~

Day 3 was our day out to bangkok city. We went to paragon, some other parts and also few temples. There were so many but then decided to cut short few cause i was starting to feel very hot +__+;;; Most of the time we were in the malls lololol~

very nice place to take pics right? XDD

Hana's pose. The yellow car was irresistable XDD~~

me and my carrrr~~ahh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~ <3

and we also visited the Ocean world (i think it's called that right)? This was the perfornance near the entrance gate. The shark was scary though O___O

Pretty lady caught in my camera >:D

We didn't took pics inside the ocean. It was dark :(


Look at who we stumbled across ..
They call her opol. We manage to get pics together (not showing here cause i look weird hahahahahahaahahah)

She spotted us and gave her sweet smile~~~~very pretty right? She can even do gymnastic *__*

Tired walking like zombies, we finally decided to relax and chill..
ice cream anyone? its yummyyyyyyy~~ <3


Temples that we visited. This one is near the malls. I wanted to take pics inside the temple cause it was so beautiful but there were people praying inside and we were scared that we might disturb them with our camera flash etc.



It was hot indeed. We stayed there not more than an hour before going back in the malls and stayed more than 3 hours there lol~ Late at night we decided to go eat Tomyam. My friends who previously  went to thailand suggested me to go Nana street, where i can find the foods that i wanted there ~ <3

Even the train station got this ~~~


Some of the dish we tried that night~

tomyam my favourite *__*

we were so lucky that one of the workers there is a malaysian (his family is at kedah now). He told us other places that we can enjoy tomyam there. We asked him lots of things (including how to go to few places). It was much easier to have somebody who can 100% understand what you say LOL~

I think next year i'll be going to thailand again for it's cosplay events. Plus we can visit other places which we weren't able to go due to time constraint ~
Thanks for reading  ('')

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