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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Usavich's strips: How it was done - My way XD

So how I made the strips?

credit to : dadeemodify

A few tips that could help you :)

I like the hard way. i think .___________.  So here's how they were done- the hard way. Of course sewing the strips could've been much faster but then, finding the right colour materials, cutting clothes...sew....uhhhh there were just too many steps. i think i'll stick to painting instead ;;;;;;;;;

First, getting the colours right.

getting colour right
with the reference colour, try to get the same colour. We used a liquid dye-type paint. I really don't recomend acrylic paint for clothe type material. it won't last.

red and green
Done! Really satisfied with the colour ~~ For one set (top and bottom) costume, you'll prolly need 2 full bottles for each colour. Plus 1 bottle of white and black which you are going to add a little to get the colours exactly the original one. NO ADD WATER AND DO STIR THE CONTENT THROUGHLY. You don't want to get patchy stuffs on the butt right?

painting putins

Painting time~~Here's a tip: Get your cellophane tape and start covering the part you don't want to paint. PRESS THE TAPE HARD ON THE CLOTHE. This will ensure less paint into the unwanted paint area and will keep your work tidy. One layer is not enough. Repeat twice.

painting kirenenkos

finishing strips
Finished. Let dry 3-4 days~

The outcome was good. Really happy with it (accept my neck hurts from bending too much during painting OTL OTL OTL) ~

Here are pics during events. Im just glad how they look like :

Thanks for reading ;)

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