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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Comic Party 35th

  *happy mode on*  ('')
It was a good journey and experience- ComicParty 35th 2012, Bangkok Thailand.

comicparty space and hana

I went to this cosplay event with dear Hana. The event was fun~ We had good time talking to most of the thai cosers there. We were able to meet the organiser himself (negibose) and talk to him bits; Cocoa nan, a thai coser and her friends; and also some famous thai cosplayers too. Touya hibiki and Yun was there too *__* And if it wasnt for language barrier, we could've met more thai cosers there and change mails etcetc  TT__TT

Here are all pics taken by other people, friends and also some by us.

Me as kirenenko
Hana as Putin
Usavich series

Cocoa Nan
Hana, cocoa nan and me. At last we met!! <3 (Pics credit to cocoa nan)

NiIjoU 1  

pic credit to NiIjou

NiIjoU 2
another pic credit to NiIjou <3

Tamichi Nds
Pic credit to TAMichi <3

Beehive Noir
pic credit to Beehive Noir <3

Mixberries X Marisa
pic credit to Mixberries X Marisa

pic credit to BambiSecret <3333

Beehive Noir2
Me, Good Dee good day and Hana. She's a very cute rin right?? XD (pic owner hana)

with other thai cosers. I dunno the name T__________T

And there are more but im lazy to put up LOLOLOLOL~ And here is what all the people waiting for, TOUYA HIBIKI AND YUN'S PICS AHH~ AHHHHHHHHH~~~<3 <3 <3
Disclaimer: ALL the photos of touya and yun, I repeat ALL werent captured by me. I only edit them~ At one time i gave the cam to this kindly organizer before going up the stage and realized there were so many photos of touya(bits of yun) when i browsed them later at night LOLOLOLOL~to those who like touya&yun (including me (ノ๑´ 3`๑)ノ) But really so sad in the end all of us werent able to meet them personally. They were just too exclusive and cannot be touched - at least i think this way

(¯―¯υ) Oh well, here you go



Touya <3

Yun so cute!!~~~~~

..and others you can veiw here :

So this ends the event. We only went for the 2nd event. The trip was kinda tiring so we didnt go to the 1st day event- rather than that, we spent the whole day in the hotel...sleeping, eating and watching tv hahaha~ Day 3 was our day in Bangkok! We went to so many places, ate Tomyam, did a lot of traditional stuffs there til drop dead.


I hope i can go to this event again XD ~~~Thanks for reading~~

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