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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Climax before exam!!!!!! (=༎皿༎=)

So there you have it. Im now in the middle of reaching climax coughcough.....(ok sounds wrong -spanked-)
Life is too hectic when you're aging LOL. I have somewhat 3 exams this August yea i know its crazy thank you.

1) Theory exam: This normal theory exam. 6 subjects including 4 core  killer subjects. To tell the truth, i dont really have much problem in these thanks to my hardworking brain in class. But then i need really extraordinary marks to be a doctor so then i can convince my dad to send me overseas //japan please oh damn it wont happen silly// .____.

2) Practical exam: This is somewhat half good and half shiet. It depends. In terms of skills, well, it's abit subjective when you perform in front of the lecturers who likes/hate you. In the end, everyone gets different marks cause they are tested individually. I hope ill face all my fav lecturers pleaseeeeeeee ;A;

3) Japanese I2 (intermediate 2) exam: Yesh, my most fav type exam of the year. But at the same time, easy to fail too OTL Last time wasnt really good. Nearly failed godddddddd~~I CANNOT GET LOWER MARKS THIS TIME I CANNOTTTTTTT~ Damn i think im scared of this shiet more than those 2 others (ok more than anything else) ;A;

So this is why I can't be active, let it be events or shoots for now.BUUUUUTT AFTER THAT, HERE COMES ALL MY COSPLAN WEEEEEEE~~~

##1 - Hyouka : Im so sorry my friend for making you wait sobbbbbb~~~ ;A;
##2 - Kyoukai no kanata : *insert the same dialogue above*
##3 - No. 6 : I have all costumes everything done now its timeeee!!!
##4 - Cardcaptor sakura: Ok i will not rest peacefully if im unable to fulfill this!!!
##6 - Aika: Im 40% on the costume so why not 8'D
##7 - *insert 1001++ cosplan list*

As promised, I just hope this year im able to do all the things i've wanted 8'D

Here, have my SUPER UKE FACE before i head out with friends. It's arabic food tonight~


P/S: Thanks for reading/listening, im so sorry you had to go through this again and again~~~=v=

Nishinoya [Haikyuu!]

 And so tried noya. ok to tell the truth, im loving noya more than anyone else <3 ____ <3

Noya is just freakin' adorable ok <3 ________ <3

hot and cute
kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~noya senpai ~//////////////////// <3

noyaa test 
ok wig 60% done. Not easy. Maybe i should've bought the wig straight OTLLLL

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