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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

shopping new makeup!

 Yesss!!!!So after few months not buying anything related to makeup (since i still have tones of them), now im buying everything i need. My previous makeup that i used really gave me a lot trouble. It was really expensive but then, oily oily everywhere. Plus Malaysia is damn hot, any makeup would not be able to stand the heat OTL
Can't wait to use this one. Of course it was 2x expensive than my previous makeup ~_~ But who cares, safety first right?????

makeup 2014 elianto

eye test NNY

 Testing the eye technique which i think i failed OTL 
Still no good especially the eyebrow part. I never draw brows like that honestly. XDDD
Will try again next time~
Next month is already final exam week! 
Hope ill get good marks again!!!~ 


Karneval (カーニヴァル) Academy - gareki

Karneval (カーニヴァル) Academy - gareki
Photo credit - Haziq 

gareki gakuen shoot ceo-2

gareki gakuen shoot ceo -1

Nezumi [No. 6] @ animax carnival 2014

 Nezumi @ space

Photographer @ nero vi

p/s: i havent change to the default clothes yet ;A:

animax carnival2014- nezumii1

I need rewards

 So life is great. I have so many things to do, and yet, time is too less ;A;

Now concentrating on study I dont really online for now. My exam falls this July omg i feel so suffocated, especially when there is practical examination !!~~ ;A; 

For now i havent been out much lately, i havent been sewing or order any wigs lately..i havent been in any photoshoot lately...it's just lifeless. My life, i mean (that's why i said, life is great...)

Nevertheless, still trying to cheer myself up. Here is a good breakfast cause i stayed up til late last night. Im proud of myself   *ok pat myself* 


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