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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Cosplay competition

Our first time joinning cosplay competition <3  It was really a good start, especially for Hana lolololol~
Had loads of fun for two days and every food were sponsored <3

To our surprise, we won the 3rd place, and not expecting that at all. we were expecting the 5th place lololol~but oh well it was a gift. Thank you to all friends who support us. we love you~ <3

MC today was Eddie (Most far left, yellow sweater with cap), and with all other awesome contestants


Pics credit to Rul Evilmatter *_*

Sleeping with all my katana tonight <3

Last year my family and I went to Ayer Hitam, Johor and i spotted many wooden katana sold there! There were so many, from wooden to replica ones with prices up to 1k! Very expensive OTL But I wasn't able to buy all i wanted during that time cause dad wanted to go back early OTL 

This year suddenly i got this call from my dad. He said that he was at Ayer Keroh and he saw many katana! He called me just to ask whether i want to buy or not and he could buy them for me! And he bought me 10! (to sum up all, i have 17 wooden katana hahahahaa~)selling half anyway  ////happy mode on/////

But i realize the price has gone higher for now. Previously it was only around rm16 and now 1 wooden katana already costs aroun rm28 or so. Plus they dont really accept bargains llD

katana2013 july  

The Sly, The Ruthless, The Sadist [Military gag but awesome lol]

so the three of us got nothing better to do lol. we just dont have life that's all lol~
Thanks Natsumine for letting me join. Was really fun , especially processing. You dont wanna know what material i used for the costume lololol ~~

The Sly, The Ruthless, The Sadist

Captain @ Natsumine Fiqa
Leutenant @ Brenda
Commander @ Space oxo

*Pic edit credit to Natsumine. color theme quite awesome too~ <3


[C2age2013 Special: Reika san]

Finally, I was able to meet Reika san from Japan~
I admired her for a long time. It's not just the looks, but the skills that she have for everything; from costumes, props to photography. Those skills that i really have to work for 100 years LOL~ 

At first, I almost gave up for seeing her during the event. Im truly not a lucky person seriously. But then, god knows and i was given this 1 opportunity omgggmgnggngnngnngn <3


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