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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

I am being snapped during afasg 8D

This shouldn't be happening right? I'm a photographer and not the subject right? i mean, i should take the pictures and not let my pictures taken right? 8'D

Anyway, thanks Arc for his amazing works. Not really a specific shot. Just randomly gonna put in here LOLOLOL~

Space @ well...The Space  ¬

really love this pic~~

asyraf and me <3

from back (left): shiki , taka
front (left) : Alex aka A.R.C



Actually there are others taken from other photogs (coughs) but then i didnt get to know who they were OTL

new DIY haircut XD

Since you wanna see it     =~=#

I, who actually never cut my own hair or let people (other than saloon) do it. But malaysia is just damn hot

cant stand it.

wasnt really thinking and i was sweating.

my mind turned blank.....and it happened.

I cut my own hair -it's bob cut (i think? 8'D)

p/s: updates on CF progression. Day 1 = 90% All done including props, Day 2= 0% now as changing to new plan. Since it's at KLCC (i dont like it), im just going to cosplay something simple where i can play around more when im there. At least this year's CF's going to be something memorable..

 ̄///◡/// ̄


AFASG 2012 with friends

It was a last minute decision to go and yup so tiring OTL

My first time going to AFA. Previously i just went to Cosfest and EOY. So for this year thought maybe i could pay a visit and see how this event goes =)
Only 1 day and im not cosplaying. Snap some pics to get my rusty cam working a bit haha~

Camwhore pics here lol~Other cosplayer pics during event will be posted up soon~

with friends from malaysia~ From left: Nero kazama, Asyraf Azizi, me and takayuki

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