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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

What you said. You're the only reason why Im so stressed Now.

And it happened. Yesterday during our break time. It took long enough until i missed my lunch time.

you are my stress factor

backlogs event @ pavillion 2012

It's an event previously at pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. honestly, i forgot what the name was =___=;

During the event, i was able to meet some of my cosplay friends although 60% of the people i know didnt come OTL. It was a small event so I didnt cosplay during that time. But I really love the pics taken thanks to my buddy Eddie!  <3


good thing eddie was there, if not it would've been boringggg~~ lol (
Please note: more camwhore pics below ^^;;;)

daily lifeless~ ~

Like around 2 months before event.../gulp/

Anyway since currently I've got no place to talk things about (abandoning fb for the time being LOL), I think i'll just stick to here. I won't be receiving any replies so i won't need to reply either haha- /slapped/ Hontouni gommen, I just need a bit time for myself (or should i just say i actually need to discipline myself from harrassing people 24/7 llD)

I think im doing quite well with exams now. Anddd costumes progressions are moving slowly..Ok good, at least better than nothing XDD;;;;;


Back from Trekkers Club (ok im very active every sunday haha). Tired and tanned OTLLLL, I dropped by at Zenkyo's house and she cooked me spaghetti carbonaraaaa!!!~~~ahhhh ahhhhhh <3 ~~~ Delicious <3 Maybe i should ask her cook for me during all weekends lol ~

Kuroko Gag [kise ryota]

Kuroko Gag [Kise Ryota]

Currently is away from Fb to get my head focus back on study. Sh** i do need to focus or i'll get my head chopped off by my dad ;;;;;;;;

Anyway, back to topic.

Non edited photos for test.im lazy to edit except reduce noise+icon but i think is good to compile anyway lol!~ *piaked* . See clearly can see eyebags and ALL unwanted stuffs haha and i my non soft eyeline OTL~

As for him im not that satisfied with the results. I do think i have to eat to gain more and also practice my basketball technique (good thing i played basketball during high schools XD). But somehow, it seems to be quit difficult to achieve this as recently i was sick and got my weight down 5kgs OTLLLLL Oh well...
Thanks for reading <3 ~~

Kuroko no Basuke , Kise Ryota [Come lets play!]

Kuroko no Basuke [Come Lets Play!]

Kuroko no Basuke
Kise Ryota @ Space Oxo

'Kurokocchi~~~let's play!'

kise test32

thanks for watching ~ ^__<

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