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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia


Had dinner with my mom just now *_* we ate at Ben's klcc.
Nothing unusual about the restaurant, just that...while in it we were kind of thinking their motto 'To eat is to love' should be changed to 'To eat is to WAIT'. Seriously, their loonggggggg waited service was really insane - from Foods to Takeway cake to Needs to Bills til to Changes. Enough to drive us nuts -.-'

bens outing1-2
i had chocolate cake for dessert. Their so called 'love' can really turn into 'hatred' lol~~~but then <3 the foods there~~~

bens outing1
Beef lasagne & iced chocolate <3333

Masamune Takano [moment ]

Just a long note =)

This series is just too cute hahaha~ <3 <3 <3
Shoot done at my rent house. And as you can see there, all paper manga on table are my previous artworks hahaaahaaaa (ok that's really wrong cause takano is NOT suppose to draw lol!) but then trying my best to look like as if he's......well, doing his job ;;;;;; Though i didnt really mark the paper.

Being Takano is kinda difficult for me. I don't really have much problem in cosplaying a serious character. Just that, Takano.........he NEVER plays around *stress* QAQ;;;;;
And oh sorry, no Onodera to molest here.
well  maybe next time perhaps *__*

Masamune Takano  [moment] 
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - Onodera Ritsu no Ba'ai series

Masamune Takano@ space oxo





NO.6 toi8デザイン&アートワークス ( toi8 Design & Art Work)

So it has arrived!!!!!!!My long waited book~~~ (ノ๑´ 3`๑)ノ ~~~♥
Don't know why, out of all artbooks, i really look forward to this one !~♥ ♥ ♥ 

NO.6 toi8デザイン&アートワークス
(<No.6> toi8 Design & Art Work)
no6 artbook1


Lately i realized that it was getting more and more tiring (mind, body and soul O_O). There were just too many patients and it actually made me think that humans are just getting sick instead of better each day, despite all these high tech-medicine inventions..coughs OK ENOUGH BABBLING ABOUT 'HOW HARD MY STUDENT LIFE IS' (¯―¯υ)

On the bright side (yes, amazingly there are few), I was always given gifts & presents from them as part of their gratitude. Though they would go on saying "oh my, i think you must be really studying hard in medicine", or "It's not easy right?", or "There must be so many patients now. You must be tired taking medicine do you?" .
(¯―¯υ). Right. oh well ~~~~

So here's one of the gifts i got. Although i do prefer food than stuffs haha, this one really made my day. I honestly don't know how did she guess. I mean, out of all things, WHY MIKU??? She doesn't even know that im into animanga lol~~anyhow, just got to share it haha~ <3

in plastic~

as big as my heiji plushie~*happy* Now heiji has new friend 8D Ok~ now i pray next time she would give me a kaito hahaha~~~~~~~~

p/s: another day a patient gave me an earring from Wah Chan omg ////////////////////////

  ƪ(;´`)ʃ *shiawase*


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