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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Cosplay 2011 [compilation]

All cosplay 2011 (wait actually some are not 2011 and are not here kufufu)~

Didn't have much cosplay and  photoshoots done either for 2011. Had to admit that I was really having a hard time managing my studies and also cosplay, but yea im still alive thanks to god OTL

Compiled from shoots to uh you know~ ahahahahaaa~~w

 And this year's 2012 cosplay list are just getting longer and longer *shot*

2011 cosplay  

No. 6 gag [wig progression]

Just a month no cosplay. alrd felt difficult to do the eyebrow otl
& this wig is so soft omg i love =/////////A/////////////=
havent finish cut and style (too lazy) and 0% progression LOL~
havent yet scout the appropriate place to shoot. though i think i've found one but not sure of it's safety as No.6 involves deserted place, abandoned building. Ok, lets just say im afraid of dogs otl.
Shoot to be done around April/May 2012
cough....god i think i love nezumi so muchhhh im gonna die!!!!


Reflection [学園BASARA gakuen ver.]

学園BASARA gakuen ver.
Date Masamune
Photog by: me


hatsune miku (gag&gif)

Wondering til now if i really suit to do miku
cause all i see is only a manry manry miku LOL
my first gif. dont laugh.

manry miku hatsune diva intro @ space
and introducing space production <3


<__< peace peace and again peace

2011 Baka Memories

Leaving 2011 behind
It has been around 3 years of friendship~
Came across a lot of our pics and compiled few (and yes A LOT of them lol~)
We should create more baka memories again ;D

SHbaka memories2011resize  

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