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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

♪ 'Must active in sports, or ill definitely die at young age' ♪

Long time havent post. Before this I would write about how busy i was with my exam/test/study and so on....Now im happy to say that 'must active in sports, or ill definitely die at young age' will be my motto as well. Well, at least im trying. The more busy i am with my study, the more i should be active.

So, i joinned club activities every sunday. And yes, not to forget how hot every sunday was, and it actually rainned in the evening (ohh i wish our club activities are held in evening instead of morning haha). And yes, i do feel that im actually quite (i say quite) low in tolerance XDD No wonder my mom kept telling me how weak my heart was (she's not indicating any heart diseases. just trying to tease me how lazy i was with exercise ..oh well =__=; )

But then, after awhile im starting to feel pain on my left ankle. omg now im really starting to believe im living with my weak heart omg???? wait, that doesn't have anything to do with it right =__=;;;;;;; Just hope i would achieve my new goals to a healthier life~~
'must active in sports, or ill definitely die at young age' isn't that hard right?


2012 cosplay plan list

This year we already had few cosplays planned.....and we're not going that much to events, I think? (yes, i kind of drag my group along). Ahhh except for shoots. Might plan few, and with great places etc. Really cant wait for this! *w* and of course, to get broke OTL~~~~

In list:
# vocaloid - damn, just cant get enuf this VOCATARDSSSSSS AHAHAHA XDDDD
# No. 6
# Danzai no maria - ahhh really wanna do shoot for this. just cant get the right place so far
# Dynastyyssss *w*
# H.E- yesss series from Malaysia!
# and so on...

There'll be around 11 this year. Or more?XDD i really need to refrain myself from this haha~~~

And yea,before i forgot.  for this new year season i want to wish all my friends good luck in your cosplays. Please do more and more shoots so that i can stalk more and more of you thank you~


with love

-space oxo-

Happy New Year 2012! (* ∇ *)

w ̄;;;
I wasn't able to attend any invited events this end year. 2011 was a busy year for me ~

So after part time work, I texted zenkyo and we're out to Lowyat to hunt for few stuffs. And these are what i bought for new yearrrrr!!!~~ *dies happily*

  Headphone for my lappy
  Earphone for my mp5
  Bagpack lappy
  A good pair of sport shoes

finally~~ Q___Q

And not to forget my favourite food~~XD HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS~

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