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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Beyond the clouds


Beyond The Clouds
Genre: Bits of science and fantasy *__*
Specs: Friendships, dreams, nice song throughout the movie


vocaloid melt [???]

Too much playing instead of acting like a coughsproposerwannabecoughs PLUS end up sweating here and there. Honestly I hate outdoor shoot. The heat actually beat me thus can't really concentrate OTL.....The new photographer must really have a hard time picking nice pics suited for the theme LOL~ *w*

*chuckles chuckles chuckles*

So here, your retarded so called kaitoXmiku


Prince war


This actually doesn't go well with the title. But oh well...my sleeptalks are ALL meaningless. You just beware haha.


OH  WOW *surprised*. To think that I really really x1000 had that much time updating this per day LOL~well yeah,  I do :3 for now and with good reasons: 1) I have finish my assignment and 2) I had pass my previous crappy assignment with such crappy results lol~It was 2 weeks last minute yay~<3 <3 <3 So now, guess I could start doing all my preparation&stuffs.

Just now, I got an email reply from the berjaya hills resort reservation. Ah yes, we did ask for THAT TATAMI SUIT per night and guess what? It wasn't any near the price we imagined. It was DOUBLE  *silence* .........however, I did manage to get bits of discount yaayyyy. But then, 10 instead of 8 people to bunk in that suit was NOT GRANTED *silence*............................and now I'm thinking of 'constructing' our own tatami room for this shoot. It's a good thing that I haven't even started anything on the props yet. I must've been too lazy these days *lies flat*

There's 1 good news (finally)- we have finally found our own temporary photographer, to take chihuahua's place as the photographer, since she's going to continue her study abroad T__T she's kinda new but then we can always teach her. We will still try scouting for others in case she's not able to handle it as she's still a student and so are we. Cosplay shoot is kinda fun but at the same time damn chanllenging I guess. We sure want those who are passionate right? =D Might be seeing her before this may and see what we could discuss about...

current mode *serious* ~~~~~~~~~~~

Little korea [malaysia]

Went to little korea today. It wasn't as vogue as what I read in the internet LOL. There were only ordinary shops and restaurants like you see everyday. The widespread news had made it as if the place was really really like korea~LOL WTF =3=;

Oh well...did some lil' souvenir shopping and here's what I bought:

i'll bring this during p/shoots XD

6 book marks.although no idea what it says lol~

anything with korea words lolololol~~

dozens-not really my type but they're cheap 8D

visiting Jakarta



I joined a trip to Jakarta with my non-cosplay friends 5 days. Actually, I have this cultural assignment entrusted to my class and since we haven't go on any trip yet this year, we thought this might be a good chance- 2 birds, 1 stone

Two things: 1) Indonesia- I've come to realize I didn't know much about it except for some of it's famous cosplayers there!
囧;!!!!!!...2) WTF I DIDN'T BRING MY DSLR THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!囧;;~~~And now you can guess most of the time it was me with my not-so-glam hp cam. Ah......l l lOTL

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