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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia


Wings (yessss...today I'm not lazy so I'll share how it's done =D)

Another wings yet I forgot to take full progression pics OTL. This is for those who wanna make wings, a cheaper way.

Not going to say much. Lets start. What you'll need: (damn easy, I found these mostly in my room *chuckles*)


-Thick metal wires: Out of hanger. I'm making small wings so this is appropriate for the basic shape. If you wanna make larger ones, I suggest the cooper wire.
-Small metal wires: Instead of using the chicken wire, lets construct our own shall we?^^
-White cotton: The ones in your pillow. I used that *gets kicked*
-Black cloth: To cover the basic shape
-Black feathers: Ordered online. Cut the edge sharp if you want nice shape

and same as before, I will try to explain but won't go detailed on it. Hope you'll get the idea though...

1) I used 2 metal hanger and construct them into 'M' shape, according to the shape that you want
2) Take the wires and tie them to the 'M' shape, forming just like the chicken wires design (more lighter) Another advantage is that you will be able to make curve just by pushing the wires which you have tied.


3) Cover the basic shape with silk black cloth and stitch. Before you end, stuff the cottons inside (front and back of the basic shape) to make the wings won't look flat.
4) The last is by.......well, i stitch all the feathers cause I can't find any fabrictac in any stores OTL

So here's the finished wings, as you can see, there'll be spaces between the wings and you can see the wires. To close that, just buy the long feathers ppl wear on their neck and cover it with it.




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