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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Themed Hotel <3333333

Alright, as the title says, it's THEMED HOTEL LIKE OMG. I was lurking in my fb when i catch glimps on this one hotel lobby pic and honestly i fell in love *w*~~~~ Like seriously, as being an ignorant person (yes i am), it got me. Why on earth didn't i know this place? It's so near ahhhh ahhhhhhhh~~~ 

The lobby is very <333 Just that it's kinda small. Maybe some angle trick would do. This will be good enough for shoots and it's in shah alam, seksyen 7, Malaysia (writting it down so i won't forget orz )  And you know what? This hotel is build up with around 32 rooms with it's own theme!!!!! *screams* ..And  unlike the other famous hotel in the heart of Malaysia, im guessing less customers? Yeahhhhh~~~advantage!XDD~~~

The lobby

Check out some of  the rooms~~~~~ <3


merry go round @ e-curve damansara

Merry go round @ e-curve damansara

Ok so as usual, a day before, our group had to go and find new spot for our next vocaloid photoshoot session. I had been aiming for e-curve damansara for quite sometime but could'nt just find the right time to go there, since I've been quite busy with other stuffs lately OTL.

E-curve damansara is really nice <3 There's this spot here where you can take pics/cosplay related pics (I recommend romantic type though) because of it's lovely setting..We lurked around about 2 hours and didnt realize it was getting darker and yet, not much place identified for our shoots OTLLLL


stuffs i carried OTL





There are other spots that we didn't get the chance to snap. HOWEVER, PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT IF YOU WAN'T TO TAKE COSPLAY PICS IN THE SHOPS/RESTAURANTS (AS YOU CAN SEE THE ABOVE PICS), DO GET THE PERMISSION FIRST...cause we didn't =w=;;; lol?

Photo 0885
This is malaysia btw =w=

Photo 0886-2

Photo 0890-2

So that's all about it. Will upload the pics once done. Please don't expect much cause this time, our lil photographer's apprentice is on duty. Even not much taken, we've tried our best and that's worth it lol <3 <3 <3

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