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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Kyōkai no Kanata (境界の彼方) [Your Waist is Pure and Warm!]

"Kyōkai no Kanata (境界の彼方) [Don't touch me!]"

Akihito: Hiroomi.
Hiroomi: Yes, Akkey?
Akihito: What are your hands doing there?
Hiroomi: See, my fingers were getting cold. Akkey, your waist really is special
Akihito: Stop it!
Hiroomi: Don't freak out over a fellow man wrapping his hands around your waist.
Akihito: You bet i will!
Hiroomi: I'm willing to acknowledge that your waist is pure and warm, if nothing else.
Akihito: That doesn't make me the least bit happy!

knk- school ver2 

Kyoukai No Kanata [I am Spectacle Specialist]

 Feito the photographer just made me look good hahahahaha~   

Kyoukai No Kanata ['I am Spectacle Specialist']

CN@Akihito Kanbara : Space chan
Photographer credit to: Feito 

i am spec specialist - resize   

i am spec specialist 2 

Kyoukai No Kanata [境界の彼方]

~~Kyoukai No Kanata~~
Mirai Kuriyama @ Angela Qi miao
Akihito Kanbara @ space
Mitsuki Nase @ Mio
Hiroomi Nase @ Natsu

Pic Credit to : Darklab visual
knk2-1 edit

Pic Credit to Photographer : senpai Photography
 akkey runnn 

sorry for have been missing lol~ was sooo busy and here it is~~~~~ 2nd shoot for the year 2015~~~ Other pics will be up later!~  Kyoukai no Kanata will always be one of the best (feel) series for my kokoro~~~~ Am planning to do other versions but Kuriyama san seems busy =3=;

Thanks for reading!

Nishinoya [Haikyuu!]

 And so tried noya. ok to tell the truth, im loving noya more than anyone else <3 ____ <3

Noya is just freakin' adorable ok <3 ________ <3

hot and cute
kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~noya senpai ~//////////////////// <3

noyaa test 
ok wig 60% done. Not easy. Maybe i should've bought the wig straight OTLLLL

Karneval (カーニヴァル) Academy - gareki

Karneval (カーニヴァル) Academy - gareki
Photo credit - Haziq 

gareki gakuen shoot ceo-2

gareki gakuen shoot ceo -1

Karneval (カーニヴァル) Academy

Karneval (カーニヴァル)

Gareki @ space oxo
Ranji @ HanaHisa
Photog @ Haziq photography

I kinda messed up the hair not according to the ori >_____<;;;;;

karneval academy 1=1  

I have to admit i rarely update my blog. It's becthanks for watching :D

random Iwatobi stuff

Disclaimer: This is not any test. just randomly do this before i throw away the wig lol!~
i seriously cant be haru.
I love makoto more gommennnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!>__< <3


Cosplay competition

Our first time joinning cosplay competition <3  It was really a good start, especially for Hana lolololol~
Had loads of fun for two days and every food were sponsored <3

To our surprise, we won the 3rd place, and not expecting that at all. we were expecting the 5th place lololol~but oh well it was a gift. Thank you to all friends who support us. we love you~ <3

MC today was Eddie (Most far left, yellow sweater with cap), and with all other awesome contestants


Pics credit to Rul Evilmatter *_*

The Sly, The Ruthless, The Sadist [Military gag but awesome lol]

so the three of us got nothing better to do lol. we just dont have life that's all lol~
Thanks Natsumine for letting me join. Was really fun , especially processing. You dont wanna know what material i used for the costume lololol ~~

The Sly, The Ruthless, The Sadist

Captain @ Natsumine Fiqa
Leutenant @ Brenda
Commander @ Space oxo

*Pic edit credit to Natsumine. color theme quite awesome too~ <3


[Vocaloid - Panda Hero]

[Vocaloid - Panda Hero]
Panda Hero ver. @ space oxo




back from hell ;;;;;

Tadaima~~ ̄¬ ̄

Back from my practical for 1 month. im just glad i didn't die  ̄¬ ̄
Difficult to get internet and dunno what's happening out there ORZ
what i know it's chinese new year already
happy new year to all my friends~♥
p/s:long time de..just felt like putting this up

me back 2013 practical 

and guess what, IT'S MY MOM'S BIRTHDAYYYY~~


No. 6 [New Year 2013 greetings]

Ok a very late wish lol~ 

I was supposed to post this earlier but i forgot  = =l l l


Nezumi @ Space OxO
Shion @ Hana


No. 6 [New Year behind the scene]

A last minute thingy also. I just need to do this for new year lololol~ 

Nezumi x Shion after bath scene OK JOKING

Nezumi @space
Shion @ hana

This is just for fun, will post pic later XDD

No. 6 new year 2013 behind scene1 

A Glimpse

Yup, this is me catching glimpse only haha~ <3 ///////////////
Going to have important exam this month.
Wishing all my dear friends good luck and never give up!~ <3


CF 2012 goodies~~

Yup so as you can see, we only have around 2 weeks before CF omgggggggg~~~

Costumes are no problem now. I think i'm able to finish all the costumes if i work harder LOLOLOLOL~~shoes almost done too. What's left are the props for both character =D

Anyway, here are photos which im going to give during the event and coscards (thanks to Hana for making the small coscards and posting to me. Really happy ////////// ) But I dont have many only around 30 for each cause i have become poor already OTLLLLLLLLLLLL Can't wait to meet!~ Hope to see you soon!~~~~~~

free cardsCF2012 

/happy mode on..gonna finish loads things tonight <3 /

Kuroko Gag [kise ryota]

Kuroko Gag [Kise Ryota]

Currently is away from Fb to get my head focus back on study. Sh** i do need to focus or i'll get my head chopped off by my dad ;;;;;;;;

Anyway, back to topic.

Non edited photos for test.im lazy to edit except reduce noise+icon but i think is good to compile anyway lol!~ *piaked* . See clearly can see eyebags and ALL unwanted stuffs haha and i my non soft eyeline OTL~

As for him im not that satisfied with the results. I do think i have to eat to gain more and also practice my basketball technique (good thing i played basketball during high schools XD). But somehow, it seems to be quit difficult to achieve this as recently i was sick and got my weight down 5kgs OTLLLLL Oh well...
Thanks for reading <3 ~~

Kuroko no Basuke , Kise Ryota [Come lets play!]

Kuroko no Basuke [Come Lets Play!]

Kuroko no Basuke
Kise Ryota @ Space Oxo

'Kurokocchi~~~let's play!'

kise test32

thanks for watching ~ ^__<

Karneval [blue default ver.]

[blue default ver.]

Gareki @ space oxo
Nai @ Pamela (cute pammy =//////=)

During C2age 2012 events~
Credits to all photogs //////// thanks so much~
Pics smoothen by me ~

gareki default blue costume1

gareki default blue costume2

gareki default blue costume3

will do another version of him~
thanks for reading~


Masamune Takano [moment ]

Just a long note =)

This series is just too cute hahaha~ <3 <3 <3
Shoot done at my rent house. And as you can see there, all paper manga on table are my previous artworks hahaaahaaaa (ok that's really wrong cause takano is NOT suppose to draw lol!) but then trying my best to look like as if he's......well, doing his job ;;;;;; Though i didnt really mark the paper.

Being Takano is kinda difficult for me. I don't really have much problem in cosplaying a serious character. Just that, Takano.........he NEVER plays around *stress* QAQ;;;;;
And oh sorry, no Onodera to molest here.
well  maybe next time perhaps *__*

Masamune Takano  [moment] 
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - Onodera Ritsu no Ba'ai series

Masamune Takano@ space oxo





Cosplay 2011 [compilation]

All cosplay 2011 (wait actually some are not 2011 and are not here kufufu)~

Didn't have much cosplay and  photoshoots done either for 2011. Had to admit that I was really having a hard time managing my studies and also cosplay, but yea im still alive thanks to god OTL

Compiled from shoots to uh you know~ ahahahahaaa~~w

 And this year's 2012 cosplay list are just getting longer and longer *shot*

2011 cosplay  

hatsune miku (gag&gif)

Wondering til now if i really suit to do miku
cause all i see is only a manry manry miku LOL
my first gif. dont laugh.

manry miku hatsune diva intro @ space
and introducing space production <3


<__< peace peace and again peace

2011 Baka Memories

Leaving 2011 behind
It has been around 3 years of friendship~
Came across a lot of our pics and compiled few (and yes A LOT of them lol~)
We should create more baka memories again ;D

SHbaka memories2011resize  

OC 2

Another OC (actually was just trying another wig newly bought LOL)

After trying it, i had come to a conclusion. This wig is probably going to be a KIV wig. well, at least for now LOL~ Reasons? Simply put, i don't really know what character to cosplay with it. Although some of my friends did name a few, like Ittoki or akaito, but it just doesn't seem right. Or perhaps there were too many cosplay plans ahead.

So now, Reason of buying it in the first place?


It looks yummy hahaha~~


CN @ Space oxo

red wig1-resize

thanks for reading ^^


Haven't talked much haha~recently im really really concentrating on the costumes/props and yes, MONEY LOL. As i watch the days flew by, lol im actually starting to get poorer and poorer. Ok so maybe being a student and coser at the same time isn't that easy after all. Looking at my other cosplay plus student friends, im starting to wonder how they'd all manage to stay alive til now +____+;;;;

An OC done just to check out the handmade yukata and the newly bought wiggy =3333


CN @ Space oxo


comfy wig is comfy~~~~~~~~~~

Michael [The Archangel of Fire]

After so long, i just realized. i don't have a siggy LOL~ Actually i wasn't able to get the time to do it properly and ended doing it up half way as usual XD;;;

So here you have it~ not a proper one but oh weee~ 8DDD


Vocaloid [Kagamine Len - just another ver.]

VOCALOID [KAGAMINE LEN - just another ver.]

Can't believe im doing len again LOL~its just for fun.No specific version. although i do see some quite similar but then again, there are just so many fanmade etc etc~

Ashoot done in my room.it was really a last minute one before my practical season.Although im liking kaito more (♥) but len is always adorable ~I'm doing this version because it's showing len's serious side-actually, i find that being serious is easier than adorable haha PHAIL

sharing out 2 pics coughs coughs

helpers@soul, hana hisa


Vocaloid [Dr.kaito & miku gag]


SO, not enough kaito and miku everyone?  //∇// ̄

A shoot done at my practical place area (yess...for the 2nd time, abusing it LOLOLOL). As usual, we  had to sneak in this area for the shoot. We did have so much fun but honestly, it was kind off sad
cause we actually planned to do this on the patient's bed with loads more yummy photos hahah~ <3 <3 <3

photog@krezex + workaholic tammy~


vocaloid [Melt ver.]

I haven't been updating anything since then LOL!~~~ a HUGE delay OTL


Kaito @ spacechan
miku @ hanahisa


vkei?? (* ̄∇ ̄*)

I chatted with a friend and she asked me about cosplaying gazette band. The truth is, I THINK I'LL DEFINITELY SUCK AT BEING A JROCKER =____=;;; In my opinion, the most difficult thing about doing this is their makeup, especially the eye part. As being an anime/manga cosplayer I've never once thought of portraying real life people as 'clonning' people was hard...But then again yea, I do admit some other people did well and makes you go envy like hell haha~~~


*don't bother the hair. I didn't do much bout it* ~~~~~(**

vocaloid melt [???]

Too much playing instead of acting like a coughsproposerwannabecoughs PLUS end up sweating here and there. Honestly I hate outdoor shoot. The heat actually beat me thus can't really concentrate OTL.....The new photographer must really have a hard time picking nice pics suited for the theme LOL~ *w*

*chuckles chuckles chuckles*

So here, your retarded so called kaitoXmiku


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