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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

CF progression 2: Da Qiao DW6 version (Costume)

Yattaaaaa~~~costume done ahh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!~~~~~~~ <3 Seriously, i can conclude that woman's costumes are really difficult & scary T_T

Anyway, I really like how it turned out 8DDDD

costume progression CF2012- DW red resize

This is the link to head gear:

thanks for reading~~ <3

CF progression 1: Da Qiao DW6 version (head gear)

And yesssss!!~~Finally after not updating for quite some time (hontouni gommen haha.. ^^;), here are the progressions for our Comic Fiesta 2012 event~~ <3 <3 <3

Im truly sorry cause there were 2 costumes for day 1 (I had to sew for Hana too cause she still doesnt know how to sew = =lll) Anyway, everything turn out just fine, costumes day 1: 70% both costumes done (honestly i started this costume REALLY EARLY but end up, well, you know~lol~) , 20% both boots done, and uhm.......50% my props done (hana is doing her own props yatttaaaaa~~~~~~ TTATT)

and yes another good thing is that I've got all wigs ready (cut&trimmed) for day 1 ~~~(* ̄∇ ̄*)

Here's the reference: DN Da Qiao 6 ver.
(i missed playing this game TTATT)

DaQiao Red reference

Progression 1: Headgear

costume progression CF2012- Headgear  resize

Usavich's strips: How it was done - My way XD

So how I made the strips?

credit to : dadeemodify

A few tips that could help you :)

Gareki [Karneval] Blue default ver.

C2AGE 2012 just over and as usual ill post the costume progressions :) Took around more than 3 weeks (doing it when i felt so lol). My second time making hoodie stuffs. Not that simple, just have to be more careful with it's hood measurements or it wont look nice or fit XD
All selfmade :)

costume prog 1
gareki, the one on the right

No. 6 gag [wig progression]

Just a month no cosplay. alrd felt difficult to do the eyebrow otl
& this wig is so soft omg i love =/////////A/////////////=
havent finish cut and style (too lazy) and 0% progression LOL~
havent yet scout the appropriate place to shoot. though i think i've found one but not sure of it's safety as No.6 involves deserted place, abandoned building. Ok, lets just say im afraid of dogs otl.
Shoot to be done around April/May 2012
cough....god i think i love nezumi so muchhhh im gonna die!!!!


Danzai no Maria (Maria Exorcist) costume

As promised, danzai no maria (maria exorcist) costume progression~~


Chopped off :)

Comic fiesta event is just around the corner so i had to put other preparations aside. coughs, NOT JUST THE EVENT BUT MY EXAM IS ALSO AROUND TOO SO YEA *DIES*

Bought a 20cm boots before. Actually the reason for buying it is because of it's heel design or to make it simple, i just hate platform boots cause they make you look kinda tall in a funny way (LOL!) Unless you plan on wearing it outside your pants.

Chopping off half of the heel wasn't that dificult but to glue back the skin was reaaalllyyyy tiring. if the glue isn't good enough, then you'll prolly end up getting the skin of the sole part sliding off  ;;;;;;

Here's the new pic of the heels. Really satisfied with it **


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ~~

Nurarihyon No Mago [expand project 1]

[Expand project 1 - Rikuo's Black and Blue yukata]

Orites~ So i did promise to show the progressions of this project.... Might do it one by one. According to what im capable to finish now that is...

= i know im slow please forgive me!!!! orz orz

In this i'll show you how i did my rikuo's yukata and the outer blue cover. To tell the truth, it actually took me more than 2 weeks to finish his costume. Reasons: 1) There were 2 of them of course =__=;;; 2) Both of the designs are somewhat different and 3) Im sewing it really really slow and  nicely this time using both machine and hand~  Honestly speaking, the michael from angel sanctuary's costume was a lot more easier than this LOL~took me only around 3 days to complete~~

Micheal angel sanctuary [sword+costume]

Yessss........a one-day prop and 3days costume and I was able to finish both in time lolololol! Mounting board and foams used~A non-detailed one...Costume is 100% hand sewn as I lost my sewing machine cable T^T I should've start this earlier though. Can't play rough this time-easy to break T^T



And was really glad  how they 'behaved' during the event lol!~

pix credit to superpixel


Wings (yessss...today I'm not lazy so I'll share how it's done =D)

Another wings yet I forgot to take full progression pics OTL. This is for those who wanna make wings, a cheaper way.

Not going to say much. Lets start. What you'll need: (damn easy, I found these mostly in my room *chuckles*)


-Thick metal wires: Out of hanger. I'm making small wings so this is appropriate for the basic shape. If you wanna make larger ones, I suggest the cooper wire.
-Small metal wires: Instead of using the chicken wire, lets construct our own shall we?^^
-White cotton: The ones in your pillow. I used that *gets kicked*
-Black cloth: To cover the basic shape
-Black feathers: Ordered online. Cut the edge sharp if you want nice shape

and same as before, I will try to explain but won't go detailed on it. Hope you'll get the idea though...

1) I used 2 metal hanger and construct them into 'M' shape, according to the shape that you want
2) Take the wires and tie them to the 'M' shape, forming just like the chicken wires design (more lighter) Another advantage is that you will be able to make curve just by pushing the wires which you have tied.


3) Cover the basic shape with silk black cloth and stitch. Before you end, stuff the cottons inside (front and back of the basic shape) to make the wings won't look flat.
4) The last is by.......well, i stitch all the feathers cause I can't find any fabrictac in any stores OTL

So here's the finished wings, as you can see, there'll be spaces between the wings and you can see the wires. To close that, just buy the long feathers ppl wear on their neck and cover it with it.




Ringo Noyamano's hat [gothic ver.]

Ringo Noyamano's hat [gothic ver.]

Alrites as requested by rein and shizu, I will show how I did ringo's hat. Actually it's not the hat design which I'll be focusing on but how it got 'up' like you see in the photoshoot pic. It's simple I guess. I won't be showing one by one pic though cause I forgot to take the progression pics OTL

This is one of the ways I figured out if you want it to be more light. Not a detail explanation but Im sure you'll get the idea. Plus, if you google more, there are other ways as well

The overall pic of the sperm   hat

Use a cap for the inner head part. For me easier this way lolol~ stitch it with the hat body

And for the 'tail' part, use a wire instead. Please make sure that it's a strong and quite thick one. If not, your 'high tail' will last only 2 minutes OTL

and there you have it!<3

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