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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Comic Fiesta 2014 is getting near~~

 Yup~ as the title says, Comic Fiesta 2014 is getting near and nearrrr~~ For this time, I am starting things earlier a bit..Ok to tell the truth, it was previous job which I wasn't able to finish so it's already around 30% of work lol~ Today I have already started to shellec the woods and so on~~

One of CF day cosplan will be from a game. I don't think it's complicated. If it is, I'll prolly have problem just to sit and I honestly don't want that. Usually during events, I walk 10 minutes and the other 6 hours are sitting hahahahahahah~~~

For another day of CF Im still not sure of what plan.. One of my friends asked to do KNK (kyoukai no kanata) but then Im not really sure of the wig yet. Up til now I havent found any wig suitable for akkey yetttt ;A;

Anyway, will update on the progress when there is~

Til then!


Night shoot with Haziq photographer - NaturalInnocent

CNY is getting near,

So yeah, an impromptu shoot done with haziq~ *___* thanks to him

Photographer @ Haziq 
Please view his incredible work! -> www.facebook.com/ziqphotography


and just look at how innocent i look teheeeee   

I am being snapped during afasg 8D

This shouldn't be happening right? I'm a photographer and not the subject right? i mean, i should take the pictures and not let my pictures taken right? 8'D

Anyway, thanks Arc for his amazing works. Not really a specific shot. Just randomly gonna put in here LOLOLOL~

Space @ well...The Space  ¬

really love this pic~~

asyraf and me <3

from back (left): shiki , taka
front (left) : Alex aka A.R.C



Actually there are others taken from other photogs (coughs) but then i didnt get to know who they were OTL

Book Cover

They say it looks like an exclusive book cover but nahhhh~i think not? Though, well, if there is on one of the book shelf shop, i would probably grab it hahaha~ (of course, cause it's me right?XD)

Another meaningless snap but still want to post XDDD


Valentine wish 8D;;

Looking at my friends pics for valentine's wishes made me think a moment. Damn-..why they look pretty in their dresses and all -.-' My POV is;

1) They are born as adorables stuffs
2) They are so moeeeeeeeeeee..with their natural moeeeeeee attitude
3) Some can at least...well...pretend to be one even in reality, they don't 8D;;;;

So I took my never-worn-but-dunno-why i bought-girlie wig to test on. And hell yea, just the very beginning I got stuck with the makeup thingy (honestly I don't know how to use eyelashes cause I never use them OTL) so I figured that maybe less makeup would help. The most difficult plus UNRELEVENT thing is that...........I somehow can't pose like a girl? =_____= ;?;;; The only thing I know is that I'll end up doing a 'peace' sign instead  OTLLLLLLLLL

After 10 pose and adding this and that to make that 'girl' in that pic look girlish, here is the outcome. Don't puke minna..I warned you ~__~;





=A=!! =A=!! =A=!! =A=!!


So now lets talk about Thailand. Went there with Hana to visit her great great cousin (lol?). Yup, it's fun having people living there. I'm jealous right now. Would love to go again during events though...

Not much photo though. We were having fun in Thailand <3 <3 <3 Thanks billy for the pics~








space2 (3)




1 (2)


As with the title, yeah...so it was charity..Charity shoot. Cause I had to help a friend of mine being her 'subject' for her final project. There were 12 photoshoots altogether. Damn I was tired the whole week OTL..However, had much fun also in the studio. As we did lots of shits there LOL.

1 pic only ~__~;;;;


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