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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Megane Mode On

 And so I have gotten my new specs. I am so happy with the outcome (altho it took few days after receiving it cause i was not really satisfied with the eyesight after it was done for the first time)

Today will be going to Cosmart event. I am still rolling in my bed.......Don't know what to cosplay today..Help suddenly I feel so lazy lololol~

*Love mode on*





It was really tiring. Mentally and physically. But then I have finished everything. Well, for now until i move to the next semester OTL
Feels like I have not update anything at all. So sorry for that, especially for those who always read my crappy thoughts LOL <3

Nothing new. Just that I have become quite lazy for other things after the exam. The only thing I've done so far was sleep, eat and watch animes. It's truly heaven LOLOLOL

Next week there'll be an event called Cosmart. The highlight for this event is to sell off all those cosplay junks you don't want anymore~ ^__^ Then, will continue on shoot. I plan to do No.6 in my room so I have to wait for that as my room needs re-design. Everything. From it's tiles to the wall <3 (and there goes my money OTLLL)

Alrights!~ Til then~

Before I go, here! Eyecandy! <3


Climax before exam!!!!!! (=༎皿༎=)

So there you have it. Im now in the middle of reaching climax coughcough.....(ok sounds wrong -spanked-)
Life is too hectic when you're aging LOL. I have somewhat 3 exams this August yea i know its crazy thank you.

1) Theory exam: This normal theory exam. 6 subjects including 4 core  killer subjects. To tell the truth, i dont really have much problem in these thanks to my hardworking brain in class. But then i need really extraordinary marks to be a doctor so then i can convince my dad to send me overseas //japan please oh damn it wont happen silly// .____.

2) Practical exam: This is somewhat half good and half shiet. It depends. In terms of skills, well, it's abit subjective when you perform in front of the lecturers who likes/hate you. In the end, everyone gets different marks cause they are tested individually. I hope ill face all my fav lecturers pleaseeeeeeee ;A;

3) Japanese I2 (intermediate 2) exam: Yesh, my most fav type exam of the year. But at the same time, easy to fail too OTL Last time wasnt really good. Nearly failed godddddddd~~I CANNOT GET LOWER MARKS THIS TIME I CANNOTTTTTTT~ Damn i think im scared of this shiet more than those 2 others (ok more than anything else) ;A;

So this is why I can't be active, let it be events or shoots for now.BUUUUUTT AFTER THAT, HERE COMES ALL MY COSPLAN WEEEEEEE~~~

##1 - Hyouka : Im so sorry my friend for making you wait sobbbbbb~~~ ;A;
##2 - Kyoukai no kanata : *insert the same dialogue above*
##3 - No. 6 : I have all costumes everything done now its timeeee!!!
##4 - Cardcaptor sakura: Ok i will not rest peacefully if im unable to fulfill this!!!
##6 - Aika: Im 40% on the costume so why not 8'D
##7 - *insert 1001++ cosplan list*

As promised, I just hope this year im able to do all the things i've wanted 8'D

Here, have my SUPER UKE FACE before i head out with friends. It's arabic food tonight~


P/S: Thanks for reading/listening, im so sorry you had to go through this again and again~~~=v=

shopping new makeup!

 Yesss!!!!So after few months not buying anything related to makeup (since i still have tones of them), now im buying everything i need. My previous makeup that i used really gave me a lot trouble. It was really expensive but then, oily oily everywhere. Plus Malaysia is damn hot, any makeup would not be able to stand the heat OTL
Can't wait to use this one. Of course it was 2x expensive than my previous makeup ~_~ But who cares, safety first right?????

makeup 2014 elianto

eye test NNY

 Testing the eye technique which i think i failed OTL 
Still no good especially the eyebrow part. I never draw brows like that honestly. XDDD
Will try again next time~
Next month is already final exam week! 
Hope ill get good marks again!!!~ 


I need rewards

 So life is great. I have so many things to do, and yet, time is too less ;A;

Now concentrating on study I dont really online for now. My exam falls this July omg i feel so suffocated, especially when there is practical examination !!~~ ;A; 

For now i havent been out much lately, i havent been sewing or order any wigs lately..i havent been in any photoshoot lately...it's just lifeless. My life, i mean (that's why i said, life is great...)

Nevertheless, still trying to cheer myself up. Here is a good breakfast cause i stayed up til late last night. Im proud of myself   *ok pat myself* 


New look LOL ~~ /////

So i freaking love this hair!!! My new style okjoking OTL

Maybe i should cos more female characters but my sisters said impossible lololol////



New wig yes yesss

 And so ive got myself a new wig! 8D really am happy with it! So far had trimmed it and what's left is to style and abit more. Hope can do the shoot soon. Tho not too soon. Am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY busy with assignments now I dont really have enough sleep and now eyebags are coming back. so in the end all those hardwork to reduce eyebags have become wasted. Regreting everything now sob.. ALL MY MONEY !!!!!1 Q________Q

Will try to update when i have the time!

Til then!

dahur - Copy  

2014 Wishlist - Resolution

Yup and so my 2014 wishlist - Resolution 
(*^*)ノ yay!

I guess this year I really want to improve a lot. And i mean A LOT.
Health-Studies-Hobby-For myself- Everything.

Wish list - Resolution 2014
- To score ALL 'A's in studies
- To get grade 'A' in japanese language (intermediate)
- To be able to do all private things for myself (shhh...they're all private lol)
- To maintain GOOD HEALTH.
- To maintain GOOD FOOD.
- To sleep as early as 11pm for eye care. I hate eyebags OTL
- To swim/cycling each week
- To be able to travel at least 1 country for cosplay event
- To be able to do more photoshoots this year 
- To be able to go to Animax carnival 2014, C2age 2014 this year
- To be able to meet new friends

To be honest, most of them are from 2013 with I wasnt able to fulfill Q___Q 
I really hope this year I could make it~

Thanks for reading~and ah before i forgot,


blogopening 2014 camwhiee 

Sleeping with all my katana tonight <3

Last year my family and I went to Ayer Hitam, Johor and i spotted many wooden katana sold there! There were so many, from wooden to replica ones with prices up to 1k! Very expensive OTL But I wasn't able to buy all i wanted during that time cause dad wanted to go back early OTL 

This year suddenly i got this call from my dad. He said that he was at Ayer Keroh and he saw many katana! He called me just to ask whether i want to buy or not and he could buy them for me! And he bought me 10! (to sum up all, i have 17 wooden katana hahahahaa~)selling half anyway  ////happy mode on/////

But i realize the price has gone higher for now. Previously it was only around rm16 and now 1 wooden katana already costs aroun rm28 or so. Plus they dont really accept bargains llD

katana2013 july  

Insomnia early 2013 orz

Happy valentine's-. wait. This picture is not for that purpose actually. It's just me who couldn't close my eyes tonight due to excessive sleeping 24/7 (yea practical, it's payback time >:D)
Insomnia. finally lol
Dunno why im doing the same pose orz who cares anyway


Exam and practical week for now OTL

And yes the exam had started and currently Im going for my practical session. So far everything went well. I hope my practical exams too ~~

Ok this is my results for subject for now. Somehow was able to maintain from test to exam:

Musculoskeletal: 90%
Anatomy and physiology: 89% (ok went down 3 marks from previously OTL)
Biomechanics: 93%
Cardio respiratory: 97%
Kinesiology: Haven't got yet
English ll: Haven't got yet

////// ̄ <3 <3 <3

exam 2012

Lets work hard together shall we? XD

new DIY haircut XD

Since you wanna see it     =~=#

I, who actually never cut my own hair or let people (other than saloon) do it. But malaysia is just damn hot

cant stand it.

wasnt really thinking and i was sweating.

my mind turned blank.....and it happened.

I cut my own hair -it's bob cut (i think? 8'D)

p/s: updates on CF progression. Day 1 = 90% All done including props, Day 2= 0% now as changing to new plan. Since it's at KLCC (i dont like it), im just going to cosplay something simple where i can play around more when im there. At least this year's CF's going to be something memorable..

 ̄///◡/// ̄


chat time !

There were so many hardships, so many happy moments, so many assignments, so many case studies, so many presents (ok dont track off already). All in all, so many things happening this month. Tired?Of course lol but then it's life so face it.

Currently i was destinied to do my practical at hospital johor bahru for my neurology case. Not a new place so i was bored i think?haha~so for now, no props, no costumes, no wigs, no camwhore, no nothing  =__=l l l 

But rest assured, next week im going back to finish my costumes/props progression!!will update for that back later *__*

outing with nim october2012
***outing with nim. we chat more than 4hrs lololol~ and i tasted the new durian cake flavor at sweet chat, midvalley. It was so yummy akfjajafjaljfdlakfjalfjaj <3 <3 <3

CF2012 tix in my hands muahahaha~

We took the bus (ok, it was my first time really @@;) to Ampang Point to get that ComicFiesta preselling tix. According to the name shop and area provided by the comicfiesta commity, there's this one shop 'Fantasy Valley' selling the tix there. So after my class we headed for that place and only god knows how hard it was to find that small-and-no name-shop....... oh well =____=lll

Cf12 tix  
TADAAAAAAAA~~~~~~finally...my hands on the tix. now i can rest assured and worry nothing <3 <3 <3 *happy mode on*

What you said. You're the only reason why Im so stressed Now.

And it happened. Yesterday during our break time. It took long enough until i missed my lunch time.

you are my stress factor

backlogs event @ pavillion 2012

It's an event previously at pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. honestly, i forgot what the name was =___=;

During the event, i was able to meet some of my cosplay friends although 60% of the people i know didnt come OTL. It was a small event so I didnt cosplay during that time. But I really love the pics taken thanks to my buddy Eddie!  <3


good thing eddie was there, if not it would've been boringggg~~ lol (
Please note: more camwhore pics below ^^;;;)

daily lifeless~ ~

Like around 2 months before event.../gulp/

Anyway since currently I've got no place to talk things about (abandoning fb for the time being LOL), I think i'll just stick to here. I won't be receiving any replies so i won't need to reply either haha- /slapped/ Hontouni gommen, I just need a bit time for myself (or should i just say i actually need to discipline myself from harrassing people 24/7 llD)

I think im doing quite well with exams now. Anddd costumes progressions are moving slowly..Ok good, at least better than nothing XDD;;;;;


Back from Trekkers Club (ok im very active every sunday haha). Tired and tanned OTLLLL, I dropped by at Zenkyo's house and she cooked me spaghetti carbonaraaaa!!!~~~ahhhh ahhhhhh <3 ~~~ Delicious <3 Maybe i should ask her cook for me during all weekends lol ~

just another chat XD

I wasn't able to sleep this few days. I think it's because of loads coffee intake lol~~ Chated with a Japanese boy. Well...to be exact pretty boy LOL~ His name is Ringo ~We chat whenever we spot each other online.

He's cute and funny and I like to tease him alot gommen XDDDD

im sorry but this i just love his reaction when i say things like that XD ~


Usavich's stuffs <3

The festive season has now ended. Also our valuable holiday sob...OTL

During this holiday I went back to my dad's hometown. Looking at my friends' photos on other cosplay events, I texted Hana regarding Comic Fiesta 2012 event deadline-

We have now less than 4 months to go before the event itself.

Hana replied: 'omfg so fast time flies!!!!>_<' .....not helping..but making me more and more panic
=_=; And then she replied that she got something for me, which she bought from her hometown and she thought i would love them (and i did) *molest molest molest* <3

usavich keychain perak
kirenenko for me <3 <3 <3

Visiting Bangkok

My first time to Bangkok 2012 ~~ ('')

Looking at the pics (of course, us looking like idiots lol), I feel that it's such a waste not showing them~ We actually had 4 days (minus 2 days for traveling and comic party event day 2). Balance 2 days were our outings. Bangkok is fun, and hot like our country ~~


Lifeless updates

Short updates on what's going on lol~

1) There are loads things happening last month. Too much til i've not enough time to update this lol. But no worries im still going to update the blog, though updates wont be as frequent as others llD

2) This month of June will prolly be the same. There are two outside events to fly on early July and oh yes costumes for the events to settle too. Not to forget exams coming on this end of June omg. Looking at the calender now im not really sure whether i'll be able to make it or not LOLOL~ Just hope i will~

3) Not so good health condition im in. Last month was the worst ORZ. I guess its because all the patients im taking care now is the DIL (Danger in Life) ones. Including patients with last stage cancers, ICU patients etc. I think the sadness has gotten my immune system down (doesnt make sense right orz).

4) One of my long lost cosplayer wedding!~~~<3 Not really lost but she kind of stopped. Was too busy with her meaningful life and yes, another meaningful life ahead. Congratulations kisaki nee chan!~ So happy for you

some shots taken~ 





thanks for reading :)

Makeup wonders revealed *A* <3

Just like the title says, I went to this one makeup class. Wait, a Correction. I was registered by my mom to this one makeup class~ lol haha XD

But then, it's not bad at all. seriously even though ive been applying makeups during cosplays i had to admit that im actually kinda noob in these. I don't even have a clue on which to put  first etc etc...

Below here is a pic i took (obviously it's not me =_+) Model for this class. Ok i was distracted by her during the course haha~She reminds me of those princesses in disney characters~ blur capture btw



Had dinner with my mom just now *_* we ate at Ben's klcc.
Nothing unusual about the restaurant, just that...while in it we were kind of thinking their motto 'To eat is to love' should be changed to 'To eat is to WAIT'. Seriously, their loonggggggg waited service was really insane - from Foods to Takeway cake to Needs to Bills til to Changes. Enough to drive us nuts -.-'

bens outing1-2
i had chocolate cake for dessert. Their so called 'love' can really turn into 'hatred' lol~~~but then <3 the foods there~~~

bens outing1
Beef lasagne & iced chocolate <3333

NO.6 toi8デザイン&アートワークス ( toi8 Design & Art Work)

So it has arrived!!!!!!!My long waited book~~~ (ノ๑´ 3`๑)ノ ~~~♥
Don't know why, out of all artbooks, i really look forward to this one !~♥ ♥ ♥ 

NO.6 toi8デザイン&アートワークス
(<No.6> toi8 Design & Art Work)
no6 artbook1


Lately i realized that it was getting more and more tiring (mind, body and soul O_O). There were just too many patients and it actually made me think that humans are just getting sick instead of better each day, despite all these high tech-medicine inventions..coughs OK ENOUGH BABBLING ABOUT 'HOW HARD MY STUDENT LIFE IS' (¯―¯υ)

On the bright side (yes, amazingly there are few), I was always given gifts & presents from them as part of their gratitude. Though they would go on saying "oh my, i think you must be really studying hard in medicine", or "It's not easy right?", or "There must be so many patients now. You must be tired taking medicine do you?" .
(¯―¯υ). Right. oh well ~~~~

So here's one of the gifts i got. Although i do prefer food than stuffs haha, this one really made my day. I honestly don't know how did she guess. I mean, out of all things, WHY MIKU??? She doesn't even know that im into animanga lol~~anyhow, just got to share it haha~ <3

in plastic~

as big as my heiji plushie~*happy* Now heiji has new friend 8D Ok~ now i pray next time she would give me a kaito hahaha~~~~~~~~

p/s: another day a patient gave me an earring from Wah Chan omg ////////////////////////

  ƪ(;´`)ʃ *shiawase*


♪ 'Must active in sports, or ill definitely die at young age' ♪

Long time havent post. Before this I would write about how busy i was with my exam/test/study and so on....Now im happy to say that 'must active in sports, or ill definitely die at young age' will be my motto as well. Well, at least im trying. The more busy i am with my study, the more i should be active.

So, i joinned club activities every sunday. And yes, not to forget how hot every sunday was, and it actually rainned in the evening (ohh i wish our club activities are held in evening instead of morning haha). And yes, i do feel that im actually quite (i say quite) low in tolerance XDD No wonder my mom kept telling me how weak my heart was (she's not indicating any heart diseases. just trying to tease me how lazy i was with exercise ..oh well =__=; )

But then, after awhile im starting to feel pain on my left ankle. omg now im really starting to believe im living with my weak heart omg???? wait, that doesn't have anything to do with it right =__=;;;;;;; Just hope i would achieve my new goals to a healthier life~~
'must active in sports, or ill definitely die at young age' isn't that hard right?


2012 cosplay plan list

This year we already had few cosplays planned.....and we're not going that much to events, I think? (yes, i kind of drag my group along). Ahhh except for shoots. Might plan few, and with great places etc. Really cant wait for this! *w* and of course, to get broke OTL~~~~

In list:
# vocaloid - damn, just cant get enuf this VOCATARDSSSSSS AHAHAHA XDDDD
# No. 6
# Danzai no maria - ahhh really wanna do shoot for this. just cant get the right place so far
# Dynastyyssss *w*
# H.E- yesss series from Malaysia!
# and so on...

There'll be around 11 this year. Or more?XDD i really need to refrain myself from this haha~~~

And yea,before i forgot.  for this new year season i want to wish all my friends good luck in your cosplays. Please do more and more shoots so that i can stalk more and more of you thank you~


with love

-space oxo-

Happy New Year 2012! (* ∇ *)

w ̄;;;
I wasn't able to attend any invited events this end year. 2011 was a busy year for me ~

So after part time work, I texted zenkyo and we're out to Lowyat to hunt for few stuffs. And these are what i bought for new yearrrrr!!!~~ *dies happily*

  Headphone for my lappy
  Earphone for my mp5
  Bagpack lappy
  A good pair of sport shoes

finally~~ Q___Q

And not to forget my favourite food~~XD HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS~


So many patients til want to vomit de...now i know why some doctors wanna quit/suicide etcetc (heck,im still a student and im feeling it already!? = =;;)..got home,slept like the dead and just woke up- To sit in front of my lappy,watch tiger&bunny with hot coffee&oreo ♥ (╥﹏╥)╬

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