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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

私達 [intro]


Playing "ありがとう" again and again, even though we're far apart...
Walking while blown by the wind, among the crowd that's coming and going I met you here ..."I don't want to be parted"
Even in the lonely nights, you were here, I'll promise "because I will become strong"
Our joined hearts are one, so we can fly
Playing "ありがとう" again and again, even though we're far apart
Waving hands "さようなら" let's meet here again

One by one, if I could grant these thoughts right now
I would surely become a stronger me, and be able to meet you with a smile
One by one, even believing that the world revolves is scary
The words you said to me that day will become my wings as I fly
Playing "ありがとう" again and again, even though I'm not holding anyone's hand
Echoing "ありがとう" again and again, so that this song will reach you........


Name: space oxo /heiji
Place: Malaysia
Interest: cosplay, anime, manga, photography, BJDs, travelling, designing, games, guitars
Band: Gazette, Laruku
Food: All the sweet things you can have lol~
Fav character: Agito/akito [airgear], kaito [vocaloid], Len [vocaloid], Souji okita [hakuouki], Nura rikuo [Nurarihyon no mago], Urameshi [yuyu hakusho], Haku [spirited away], Izaya&kida [DRRR], Yuki [gravitation], Gareki [karneval] etc etc

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