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Yoh..pleased to meet you from Malaysia

Yoh, pleased to meet you. I'm from Malaysia

Kyōkai no Kanata (境界の彼方) [Your Waist is Pure and Warm!]

"Kyōkai no Kanata (境界の彼方) [Don't touch me!]"

Akihito: Hiroomi.
Hiroomi: Yes, Akkey?
Akihito: What are your hands doing there?
Hiroomi: See, my fingers were getting cold. Akkey, your waist really is special
Akihito: Stop it!
Hiroomi: Don't freak out over a fellow man wrapping his hands around your waist.
Akihito: You bet i will!
Hiroomi: I'm willing to acknowledge that your waist is pure and warm, if nothing else.
Akihito: That doesn't make me the least bit happy!

knk- school ver2 

Kyoukai No Kanata [I am Spectacle Specialist]

 Feito the photographer just made me look good hahahahaha~   

Kyoukai No Kanata ['I am Spectacle Specialist']

CN@Akihito Kanbara : Space chan
Photographer credit to: Feito 

i am spec specialist - resize   

i am spec specialist 2 

Kyoukai No Kanata [境界の彼方]

~~Kyoukai No Kanata~~
Mirai Kuriyama @ Angela Qi miao
Akihito Kanbara @ space
Mitsuki Nase @ Mio
Hiroomi Nase @ Natsu

Pic Credit to : Darklab visual
knk2-1 edit

Pic Credit to Photographer : senpai Photography
 akkey runnn 

sorry for have been missing lol~ was sooo busy and here it is~~~~~ 2nd shoot for the year 2015~~~ Other pics will be up later!~  Kyoukai no Kanata will always be one of the best (feel) series for my kokoro~~~~ Am planning to do other versions but Kuriyama san seems busy =3=;

Thanks for reading!

Comic Fiesta 2014 is getting near~~

 Yup~ as the title says, Comic Fiesta 2014 is getting near and nearrrr~~ For this time, I am starting things earlier a bit..Ok to tell the truth, it was previous job which I wasn't able to finish so it's already around 30% of work lol~ Today I have already started to shellec the woods and so on~~

One of CF day cosplan will be from a game. I don't think it's complicated. If it is, I'll prolly have problem just to sit and I honestly don't want that. Usually during events, I walk 10 minutes and the other 6 hours are sitting hahahahahahah~~~

For another day of CF Im still not sure of what plan.. One of my friends asked to do KNK (kyoukai no kanata) but then Im not really sure of the wig yet. Up til now I havent found any wig suitable for akkey yetttt ;A;

Anyway, will update on the progress when there is~

Til then!


Megane Mode On

 And so I have gotten my new specs. I am so happy with the outcome (altho it took few days after receiving it cause i was not really satisfied with the eyesight after it was done for the first time)

Today will be going to Cosmart event. I am still rolling in my bed.......Don't know what to cosplay today..Help suddenly I feel so lazy lololol~

*Love mode on*


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